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Near neighbour software aids Li Jinhua to fill case of paper industry informatiz
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Industry of Jin Huacheng paper (area of Suzhou industry garden) limited company is located in Jiangsu Suzhou, by Inc. of paper of Singapore Asia oar (APP) enterprise of a at solely invested 97 years in March initiate large papermaking. Professional production does not have paper of carbolic carbon, double glue, art paper, computer to print
Paper, press the feeling paper that print, duplicating paper to wait, well-known trademark " Likede " , " Jin Caidie " with " golden ball " wait for general inside countrywide limits already promotion.
Jin Huacheng is China has what machine whole process to finished product from base paper production, Tu Bu exclusively at present, the carbon do not have carbon with the largest scale and information paper taste manufacturer. The company introduces the world's advanced production facilities, use ABB distributing center type to control systematic DCS, quality to control systematic QCS and supervisory system, whole to production process undertakes comprehensive modernization is controlled, reach attestation of system of ISO14001 international environmental protection in order to ensure company of product quality; already adopted system of ISO9001 international quality respectively in January 2002 at was being mixed in July 2000.
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Jin Huacheng is informatization of domestic papermaking industry starts prior enterprise, industry leader takes informatization management seriously very much, had carried out SAP before 2003, but the rapid development as a result of business, ERP manages the inadequacy of the respect in storehouse, highlight even more. Because portfolio is large, the member that workshop and finished product storehouse are in charge of hands over a product to cost lag of information of stock of;ERP of bad news force, paper of; of influence sale shipment tastes sort various, the goods that send a fault produces; to do not have product archives from time to tome, cannot problem of quality of date from product, etc. After industry leader understands a situation, point out " the management with more accurate storehouse is the key that solves a problem, once storehouse manages clarity, the problem of other department also be readily solved. " arrange regard project dominant as the branch by business information branch, draft the demand of each branches, choose a vendor.
   The demand of company business section
Manufacturing branch: The accuracy that improves manufacturing operation and the efficiency; that statistic works
Finished product storehouse: Raise the accuracy of the exercise such as put in storage, inventory management, shipment and efficiency;
Customer service branch: Track product quality, better processing to the guest appeals to and serve a client, raise company image;
Sale branch: Pass a form to pile up a system, production of seasonable understanding order is carried out and shipment carries out circumstance;
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