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Label application talks: Another kind of utility of form code (go up)
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Almost every pack a magazine or any concerning pack and the meeting that product component spends speaks of replace a form code with radio frequency label. The article pressworks the help factory and another kind of use that presswork buyer develops a form to pile up, presswork as the examination namely of quality consult content. You may think this proposal itself is having limitation, because form code can monochromatic pressworks, and of business of most paper box presswork color exceeds a kind. Anyway, if you have a look,the code checks implement, can realize this one conception easily so. But notable is, light has a form code knowledge to read implement can't be competent this task.
The history
Form code traceable 20 centuries 70 time, having all sorts of different blueprint cases. However, all form code by presswork strip composition, the encode principle of these strip is based on strip width and span. Almost any goods in loading paper box imprint have a form yard. Today form code already made the main tool that identifies a product in supplying chain.
When 1995, once had encountered a few problems: The code cannot know a form that pressworks to go up in corrugated box sometimes read. The client thinks this is black-and-white problem at that time, but in fact, the product that paper box business produces same quality is already old. The fact proves later, those clients just also begin to use a form to pile up in great quantities at that time, and presswork the plant did not go those form piles up test and verify, also fail to realize appears problem.
Because you need to measure an instrument the readability of form code offers quality to assure, a form code that because this pressworks,comes out still cannot proper test and verify. Some printing machine contain code knowledge reads a form implement, but this means a form code knowledge to read merely implement can know read a form code. Accordingly, if form code test and verify became paper box industry to pay close attention to, inscribe. What we understand no less than in that way, form code may disappear from bag mount, however equipment of form code test and verify pressworks in the analysis the land that craft respect still has use force.
After introducing a form to pile up, people discovery pressworks the actual strip width that craft affects a form to pile up. Presswork the factory is in a form code press proof is medium find compensation strip to add wide means of settlement, namely cut strip width. Using a form to pile up test and verify implement when check a form to pile up, test and verify implement all strip in can be a form to pile up give out average strip increases wide cost. We are interested in this numerical value just about.
If the width of the strip in form code designs norms relatively formerly when presswork to change somewhat, so pressworking can arise in the process " strip is added wide " error. The generation of this error has a lot of reasons, be like:
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