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Label application talks: Another kind of utility of form code (below)
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What following chart shows platen is not right neat situation and corresponding strip width increment. The symbol that increment pursues medium and graph 2 medium the position of a form code is corresponding, namely colorless test form. The space between platen is less, strip width increment is taller.

The graph checks sheet 5 kinds 2

So Where is pair of neat rate that how check embossing platen and forme platen? Check out procedure brushs workstation to check implementation through affix an official seal, in every printer makes a station use identical forme and color. Comparing desirable practice is to be in all pressworking workstation uses black printing ink and white bear imprint material. Test forme can be shown 2 times like the graph. We are used only " green " lubricious forme, a form yard that in principle needs to be located in position of A, B, C, E, F only.
Every locally the strip of form code is pressworking direction or perpendicular at pressworking on direction. To undertake appraise is measured, can introduce Axicon6000 series form code test and verify implement. The station is made go up to presswork with black printing ink and cyan forme in each printer, every presswork continuously 10 pieces, take a piece to serve as example from which. Survey sample, make data form next. To avoid to produce a mistake, in checking a watch all 12 the code has a form to code differently. From form code test and verify implement in all collection data, but will choose average strip to add wide data to make appraise measure with.

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