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Do not do the pull current Cheng that glue mark sticks
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Run systematic requirement according to ISO9001 quality, produce the operation of each working procedure in the process for the standard, ensure production moves normally, assure product quality, the net imprints the enterprise is necessary formulate applies to a product whole technological process instructor of work of pilot of each working procedure, by each director the branch controls process operation operation, revise perfect instructor, be operated strictly by instructor by each working procedure and record.
The net imprints because its are colourful,mark of not dry glue is stuck, content is stickup and marked, convenient, be able to bear or endure it is good to await a gender wait for a characteristic, stick in mark the place that cannot replace is had in the product. From the demonstrative label of of all kinds equipment, automobile body of autocycle, car is striped, to project machine automobile body large sign is applique, what so many domain needs large quantities of capacities is big, medium, small-sized mark of not dry glue is stuck. Article general go into particulars its the particular operation of each working procedure and point.

One, next material process
Next makings requisition that next makings personnel allot according to producing a section, get data of not dry glue from raw material storehouse, examine its type, fill in delivery of cargo from storage is odd. When cent cuts material, should coil according to becoming dimension (for instance 200 M of 1 M × ) , cent of correct business accounting cuts size, those who assure material make full use of, cent is cut close check of quality inspection standard is pressed to raw material exterior in the process, cent cuts error control to be in 0.1 Mm, go by the side of size control is in 10 Mm. Break Zhang Shi, press strictly expect below the material norms of makings requisition requirement and amount. There is special demand to copy paper size on blueprint, should control on size error to be in ± 0.2 Mm, other product handiwork breaks piece of error control to be in ± 1 Mm, the machine breaks piece of control to be inside equipment error limits.
Cut those who had cut into parts not to do glue stuff amount to affirm without by accident hind, applied laminating scrip indicates the name of product of the material below place, amount, dimension and material lot number, add in whole batch above the fixed position material of material.
Group leaders of next material process squad are in charge of filling in material lot number in manufacturing subpoena " material lot number " in one column, with date from of equipment quality problem with.

2, the plate making, working procedure that move black
Plate making personnel is in charge of sign after receiving sth designing the photographic plate that the branch offers and lubricious model, check the quality of negative, include the label content of the amount of negative, negative, the degree of brim false or true of character, line, site, site density, color separation piece the content such as a standard rate between. Have like negative by accident, should fill in repair sheet or sheet of do poorly done work over again, along with negative along with all the others go back designs a section. To eligible negative, plate making personnel and design personnel receive sheet to go up to sign jointly in negative have sex; The photographic plate that checks qualification should keep neat and classification, form a complete set is deposited in special negative bag, good label is made in bag cover, content includes measure of product name, negative, enclose date, outside borrow reach remand the record.
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