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How to identify mark of the smoke that prevent bogus
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How to identify mark of the smoke that prevent bogus

Since rose in Feburary 1996, nicotian industry of our country of preexistence of rate of factory of cigarette of brook of jade of group of tobacco of red tower of Yunnan jade brook pushs Gong Dashan to defend lampblack bid (namely every smoke mark all contains the fiber with a kind of extremely easy other and special argue) hind, each our country cigarette produce manufacturer to be used in succession all sorts of new and high prevent pseudoscience technology to make smoke bid, risk in order to prevent copy of individual and illegal element, protect the right of the person that expend. According to the author preliminary count, at present each cigarette production manufacturer use watermark generally to prevent bogus, laser laser to become angry prevent bogus (also say information prevents bogus) , laser shoots a code to prevent bogus, fluorescent printing ink to prevent bogus, temperature bogus, luminous prevent bogus, fluorescent fiber. And be used at mark of hard renovate smoke mostly.
Laser laser becomes angry prevent bogus (information prevents bogus) smoke mark has two kinds of kinds greatly.
One kind belongs to laser holographic model, this kind model smoke bid goes design observing from different point of view, can give birth to the effect of different color, the flat wild goose of plant of cigarette of king smoke mark, wave swings the Chengdu of overgrown with weeds of plant of cigarette of the mark of Anhui cigarette smoke of cigarette of the mark of phoenix cigarette smoke of plant of the mark of the smoke that greet a visitor that is like plant of cigarette of lake of overgrown with weeds, Lai Fengjuan cigarette, Hefei, constant heart hill smoke.
The 2nd kind is belonged to three-dimensional and invisible ability, mark of this kind of smoke falls in measurable illumination, can reflex its administrative levels a variety of design. If the information of two kinds of smoke of Kunming cigarette plant defends bogus smoke bid, one kind can show a cloud and mist and YUN YAN design of two administrative levels, at first view of another kind of cloud and mist is a cloud and mist, see the pattern that 5 tag model of written characters of smoke having the cloud again. And the Jin Sha information of Changsha cigarette plant defends bogus smoke bid, can show below enough illumination " Jinsha " reach a pair of cranes and running hand " Jin Sha " 2 words the design that 3 administrative levels change. Be like fire of blue aegis of new edition of century of Kunming cigarette plant to weigh 9 smoke bid greatly again, shield of its front design reachs 9 · 9 use laser to defend bogus technology, apply double channel of three-dimensional and stereo effect to turn up and down, cent administrative levels shows 9 · 9 and weigh greatly 9 use feeling design. Guiyang cigarette plant develops newly 1999 grind yellow fruiter of arenaceous high-quality goods to defend bogus smoke bid, have special mosaic effect, prevent bogus more effective, this mark is three-dimensional laser graph is setting with yellow fruiter chute, prevent bogus threefold, deserve to indicate with the group, it is thus clear that through different illuminant reflex special technology makes arboreous administrative levels more rich exquisite, chute and arboreous and double stereo picture, observe again carefully, the Chinese of visible clarity and all around letter of small carve English.
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