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Refrigeratory label: Qi hut instrument seeks ≡ of ┭ of numerous close
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Be in 30 degrees 0 timesRefrigeratoryHow to use bar code label, should use why to plantLabel?
The environmental characteristic of refrigeratory is humidity big, temperature is low, if use common label to be out of shape very easily in refrigeratory, hair knit, fall off. And the packing form of the article in refrigeratory is varied. The label that chooses in such environment must can have very good moistureproof and be able to bear or endure the character of microtherm.
The bottom glue of label has a variety of, RefrigeratoryMedium label must choose microtherm glue.
If be,good label is stuck to be put in refrigeratory again below normal temperature, criterion the face paper of label should choose those who have certain retractility.
Because the packing form of article is common paper likely,pack, also be nylon bag is packed likely, can choose the label with different qualitative capable person according to need. The proposal is best first brief try out decides again after period of time whether to use some kind of data finally.
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