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Printer upkeep costs is expensive in already making consumer heart painful
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As the intense competition of laser printer market, originally high laser printer price also falls again. But the quality issue that the backside place of low shows fully and high upkeep costs make consumer not relaxed however. Additional, be used up ceaselessly and the bad news material that the price does not poor more let a laser printer become true " tiger machine " , can afford with in removing a laser printer to already made consumer heart painful.

Cost is set hard popularize a doorsill

In recent years, introductory class is black and white the price of the laser printer is to fall again, the overlord that joins field of black and white laser printer -- the black and white laser printer of HP also fails to avoid, after the low product that faces second line brand is pounded, HP also rolled out the HP LaserJet 1018 of black and white laser printer under 1000 yuan a few days ago. But lowest of brand of the 23 lines inside domain of black and white laser printer can sell 800 multivariate, price advantage is very clear. The reporter sells a discovery when visitting in ZhongGuanCun electron, ML-2010 of black and white like SamSung laser printer sells 880 yuan, beautiful can LBP-2900 sells 870 yuan only. And a few brands of home still are in " 51 " during rolled out the sales promotion activity that buys printer to send a mobile phone, like feeling buying a laser printer to resemble was to enter a supermarket.

And in market of chromatic laser printer, because output cost,once became color higher to stimulate dozen of all-pervading for a time the biggest doorsill. But, the profit with chromatic huge market makes each manufacturer is not willing to abandon, then each manufacturer rolled out introductory class commodity in succession, go ahead of the rest levers the gate of chromatic market, lend the desk of user of this race to control the face. And low strategy also makes main instrument, a lot of manufacturers are deciding the value in 1999 yuan a such sensitive price. But the competition of the market is intense, especially the price of introductory level type often also signs up for give 1680 yuan, 1650 yuan low.

The secret of low backside

Face 1000 yuan of right-and-left products, consumer can bear undoubtedly the price of the laser printer. But, before concerned expert suggests consumer is preparing to buy however, must look before you leap. An expert inside course of study tells a reporter, at present laser printer manufacturer competes to suit, production cost falls again, even some of model sacrificed the stability of the product, repair rate is extremely high, be in for years according to him the experience of laser printer market, at present the price is led under 4000 yuan laser printer repair still is taller, the printer under 2000 yuan should be bought cautiously more, basically was about to heavy repair to 1 year.

The reporter understands when visit, the upkeep costs of the laser printer is very expensive. If buy the printer that market price case controls in 1500 yuan, changing a value of the package that print is 1000 yuan, interface board is 800 yuan, laser head is 700 yuan, change a rub even paper annulus also wants 150 yuan! And the chromatic laser printer of introductory class prints language grade commonly low, of installation is a kind of vulgar GDI language, when print, depend on computer completely to undertake explanatory to character and graph. Additional, the life that nominal life photograph compares the material of 4 kinds of bad news that carries randomly to buy material of a bad news afresh is met little in part.
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