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Read a system- - one dimension, 2 dimension pile up read take and desired result
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To newest manufacturing system, through machine read identify will dog product and component already were core requirement. Use special coding system, each working procedure that can plan to produce part of each treatment in the process, change treatment what craft perhaps uses data. Through making a label directly on the product, still can ask according to specific legislation to the whole production of some product batch the process undertakes dogging.
What is direct does the component make bid (DPM) ?
Direct component hits mark to point to do not use separate carrier data (for example agglutinant label) and the method that makes bid in product surface directly. Use this method to be able to be in in producing a course, undertake discriminating to the product, undertake dogging in sorting process. In recent years, the use that piles up as 2 dimension is extensive with each passing day, make all sorts of demand of the user got satisfaction. 2 dimension code nods case graph composition by the binary system, the technology of laser and pinhole label that make is in the independent character respect of the wear, speed that make, material is very outstanding, for example, although the 2 dimension code on metallic workpiece is in after machining working procedure through much talk, still can be read to take. The another advantage that 2 dimension pile up is to be inside likewise limited space, included data information should compare bar code or text is much.

Product characteristic
Accurate to product or product component without the crucial technology that undertakes the product dogs by accident discriminating direct component to label the technology is implementation.
The product that in producing a course the basis differs has a record respectively
Implementation machines the automation of the process
Distinguish product liability problem (for example blemish product recall)
Xi Menzi reads a systematic range of products
Stationary reads a system

Stationary reads a systematic SIMATIC HawkEye 1515, 1510 with 1525 (from left to right)
Stationary reads a system to include special intelligent camera to read a code the system reads a system with what be based on PC. Among them, intelligent camera can read a system take all sorts of 2 dimension codes and one dimension bar code, the system reading a code that is based on PC is readable take bar code of all sorts of 2 dimension codes, one dimension and OCR (OCR) character, read take rate fast, the function is powerful. A lot of reading code implement (the system reading a code that includes to be based on PC) use Data Matrix to presswork quality monitoring (desired result) control of technical implementation process.
Hand-held reads a system

Hand-held reads a systematic SIMATIC HawkEye 40T, 45T, 50T and 53T (from left to right)
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