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Agile and practical bar code edits the software that print
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The company is right the demand such as the amount of bar code label, quality, format each are not identical, the printing device that is used at making bar code label also each are not identical, in the light of the user feedback gives our issue, we ask Beijing to be born with into Yanhong of CTO of group of bar code industry of bar code label generate an editor to give solve.

Ask: Does bar code edit the software that print what to function there is? A few kinds is cent? Below what circumstance does the enterprise need bar code to edit the software that print?
Answer: Say simply, the main effect that bar code edits the software that print edits the format of bar code label namely, and be printed in corresponding printer admiral label come out. The method of the bar code that print has a lot of, software also has a lot of. The bar code that speaks of here edits the software that print is to show those have label format to edit a function, and can be on a variety of different printer print the software that gives bar code, do not include those compositive in user system, the printing software that prints label of onefold and fixed format.
The software that has bar code label to edit a function can be divided for common label the editor prints software and editor of label of professional bar code to print software two kinds big. Former not be to be label of the bar code that print to design only, do not have the characteristic that prints considering bar code commonly, what use to printer of appropriative bar code is as same as common printer drive pattern, the processing function of data is weaker also, apply to the user with inferior requirement to undertake only a few, the bar code label of simple format is printed. Label of professional bar code edits the software that print is designed to print bar code label technically, mature arrived the characteristic that bar code prints, and the means that can use a statement to printer of special bar code undertakes printing, can develop the property of special printer adequately, improve the efficiency that print.
To the enterprise, if it were not for is compositive in running a system the printing function that has bar code, the bar code label that major needs when label of the bar code that print prints software, the bar code of use major prints software, can print the bar code ticket that gives qualification not only, still can improve work efficiency, lower accident rate.
Ask: Is the characteristic that bar code prints specific what is those who point to? What do common printer and special printer print bar code to have to differ?
Answer: Because bar code is support with empty width change represents news, so the meeting knowledge to bar code reads the exact extent of empty width the influence with very large generation. When printing bar code so, must assure an empty width error of bar code to be inside permission range, such ability make sure bar code can be known to numerate quite come. A with empty width exact extent of bar code, the way that handles bar code with the software that print is concerned, professional bar code prints software is an empty width of the precision computation bar code according to printer, assuring an empty width is printer " dot " times more integral, of so identical width with outputting ability on printer for nothing is same size.
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