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Small view identifies a system like 2 dimension code
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One, the system summarizes 2 dimension to pile up high speed identifying to the system is collected and be handled stickup the two dimension of Data Matrix on the fan lamina that turns in high speed pile up image, pile up data to undertake discriminating to 2 dimension. This system applicable has all sorts of identified fields at needing to be piled up to 2 dimension, the 2 dimension code that suits high speed automation line especially detects. Graph 1 standard DataMatrix 2 dimension are piled up, "Beijing is small inspect epochalBeijing is small inspect epochal 2, function index 1, the system is collected and identify speed to be able to amount to 300 / minute; 2, identify lead 99% above; 3, can identify a variety of 2 dimension to pile up a type: PDF417, MicroPDF417, MaxiCode, DataMatrix (ECC 2000) , Composite Codes, QR Code; 4, can detect through showing image is surveillant process, also can set parameter through showing an interface, examine a record; 5, the number that two dimension are piled up or cannot identify to wrong DataMatrix can issue control signal, the user can choose processing way, stop for instance machine by undertake affirming artificially; 6, use mouse control or foot switch means to undertake sparking adopting a plan; 7, if have need, but related to other equipment is compositive, respectively to imprinting what the workpiece that DataMatrix2 dimension piles up has different function detect; 8, in be being operated artificially, can use mouse control or foot switch means to undertake sparking adopting a plan. 3, the system is configured 1, hardware ● can use small view to resemble taking electronic shutter to reach spark thousand net photographs pilot like the head, be likeMVC1280SAM-GE30, MVC300SAM-GE200, MVC800DAM-GE45Etc; The MVC that also can use small view to resemble USB2.0 interface is photographed like the head. ● fiber-optic trigger; 2, a 2 dimension pile up software high speed detects identify software, this system can use a line below special environment blast camera comes true more high speed, older width of cloth detects. Small view resembles code of dimension of DataMatrix2 of phase in of company product designation replacing an original form to pile up; Character is produced to measure each link of management like the company in small view, all used code of this 2 dimension to identify a system to collect identify, dog record product.

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