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Common breakdown reachs printer of zebra bar code settle way
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1, power source light is not bright; Light of the other after switching on the mobile phone is not bright; There is one eternal in lamp of corrective lamp, sidelights, deepness: The machine has trouble, ask connection supplier
2, suspensive light is bright; Paper / ribbon light is bright: Paper gave out or install incorrect
3, print stop, suspensive light is bright, paper / ribbon lamp shines: Ribbon gives out or install incorrect
4, print stop, suspensive light is bright, the headlight that print shines: The headlight that print did not close completely tighten
5, print stop, suspensive light is bright, the headlight that print is bright: Print an overheat, close machine, suspend printing
6, the paper area that print has white: The head that print is bad, change print first
7, record of the label that print is missing: Label sensor was not adjusted very
8, plumb lines is on label: The head that print is too dirty, close machine hind to sign cleanness to print with alcohol cotton first
9, the or so deepness that print has difference: Balance of pressure of left and right sides of the head that print has a problem
10, have inclined white: Color contains a ruffle
11, long white in a few label: Color contains a ruffle
12, ribbon knits:  of badge of fear of   fat punishs word dark blue ≡ of crash of Yang of An Huangjie  corrupts twinkling badge  returns Tuan of Mu Qi ∩ to take ⒀ buy?13, arrive 3 label fixed position forbids: Switch prints a head, label is installed forbid
14, the computer sends data to printer, printer is not moved, after DATA lamp shines, destroy: The communication parameter of printer of the examination that string together a mouth and computer is consistent.
15, the computer sends data to printer, printer is not moved, DATA lamp does not shine: Printer did not receive data, check cable, should be printer interface has a problem otherwise, self check of the printer that string together a mouth is normal, but cannot online print, the likelihood is advocate board go up U51(105S) component (Max232) collect is agglomerate attaint. If S500, the likelihood is advocate board go up U28 attaint.
16, label was not cut by cutting tool: Did not set into the mode that cut paper; Cut paper implement plug loosens
17, cutting tool did not cut label completely: Cut paper implement too dirty; Cutting tool is too blunt; Use too for a long time, mechanical wear
18, cut paper implement inside have ticket; Cut paper implement card is dead: Flip through on cutting tool, exit label. Switch on the mobile phone make cutting tool implement restoration, next mount paper restoration
19, print stop, paper / ribbon light is bright, suspensive light is bright, data light is bright: The paper when be being printed is gone, the know exactly about sth in the machine is occupied, after trading paper, by time-out the lamp can continue to print.
20, a piece of label is jumped over when printing, continue to print: This label and on one piece of distance between label are abnormal, machine normal
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