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Use skill: How to guarantee a business is wireless network safe?
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Much business has WiFi network inside his office building, so that be client and employee,provide Internet link. Accordingly, a lot of enterprises are done not have when building WiFi heat hastily mature the security that oneself WiFi network builds.
The wireless news report that can create a client without the wireless network of good protection by hacker intercept, cause significant loss thereby. The data with information of business affairs of countersign of account of the credit card number that the hacker can use filch, bank, classified and sensitive other is oneself and its partner to seek profit. To the enterprise of mandatory network, inadequate safeguard is likely important wired expose network criminal with wireless network resource.
Actually, the security that protects WiFi network is not difficult, but this need time, identify true program, attention detail and a few simple safe tools, learn to undertake reflection like aggressor even. Aggressor seeks a network to receive commonly achieve following a multinomial perhaps target:
· intercept wireless data (eavesdrop)
User of · filch equipment perhaps the data of business affairs system (the person that inbreak)
The Internet of accredit of · use blame serves (crasher)
· builds a defeat the safety that the system of all this 3 sort attack will come to assure a WiFi network
How does wireless network work?
Wireless network (say WiFi) can let you do not rely on wired circuitry to join again Internet. If in your home, the office, airport or the coffee hall of this locality has a wireless link, your any place inside area of that wireless network can visit this network.
Wireless network relies on radio wave and not be wired circuitry joins the computer to Internet. One is sent and receive machine (call wireless receive nod or gateway) join joins to Internet. This offerred to undertake connective through radio wave " heat " . Heat has identity identifying news, if a SSID(serves setting identifier) , allow the computer to find them. Configure wireless net card and the computer that allow to visit this wireless frequency to be able to use this network function. A few computers may identify the wireless network that opens in what designate area quite automatically. And some computers need you are found or the information such as manual input SSID.
The safety of wireless network browbeats
Because wireless network does not need the wire cable between the computer and Internet join, the aggressor in this area is hijacked likely or intercept does not have the join of safeguard. This kind of practice calls " drive attack " (Wardriving) , it is the process that the computer that a person uses to configure wireless net card and GPS equipment searchs wireless network and the specific coordinate that identify position of a network in a few area. News of this kind of network connects regular meeting to be released on the network. A few attend or use drive the person of attack despiteful purpose, the family that can use this information to hijack you is wireless network or intercept the join between your computer and specific heat.
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