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Collect of exemple of common problem of CT400 of printer of Sato bar code
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Q1. What thing does the CL series printer of a new SATO have inside the box that pack?
The printer of series of a CL, one operates a guideline, a power supply cord, one piece prints a sanitary paper carbon to take core axis; Windows prints driver CD and bar code of a piece of Label Gallery to design software.
Q2. What does the printer of CL series have to you can supply the accessory of the choice?
CT series has come off implement, label cutting tool and RS232C, USB or LAN interface get stuck.
Q3. Do I need to some of what software provide for my printer?
To printing drive character, because be WINDOWS interface,it can be in any the application below WINDOWS. But all functions that only SATO software can realize printer. And we recommend you to design software with SATO label - Label Gallery.
Q4. Can I fall in Windows environment (Microsoft window) undertake printing the job?
Can. Wanted you to choose the driver that match only, your SATO printer can be in any move below Windows system.
Q5. Can I undertake printing the job below SAP environment?
Can. Plus and true version SATO label design software- - Label Gallery can output label data SAP R/3.
Q6. Can be I operated on AS400 platform?
All SATO printer can be changed nonstandard use on the agreement. Data can fool interface to convey to go up to printer through the Twinax/ of IBM.
Q7. Can I print graphical document?
Can. Wanted you to install those who match to print driver only, can use a program in all windows next use. Use SATO label designs software- - Label Gallery, you still can print BMP, PCX, put, WMF and file of format of series of associated image expert.
Q8. Can I print a data and time?
Can. If you design software in SATO label - the job below Label Gallery, you can print date and time-domain.
Q11. Can I join this printer to electronic platform scale and print a corresponding goods weight?
Can. If so that electronic platform scale sends a message to give printer,you write a program, use the language that SATO process designing uses please, use an appropriate interface.
Q10. Can be I printed in successive label?
Can, but you should shut label sensor.
Q11. Which kinds is the carbolic tape that place of SATO CT series uses?
Actually, did not designate the carbolic area that applies to SATO printer. But the different condition of the material that the option that carbon takes needs fibrous root uses label according to place and application will decide. Nevertheless, bought SATO when you after form code printer if used the medium of other blame SATO, will not enjoy 6 months to printing a head to be protected character so period. Print a head to assure your quality that print and protection, recommend you to use the carbolic tape of SATO.
Q12. How do I join printer and computer?
With adapter of join of power supply cord and printer. Remember power source arranges hour hand to rotate to locking printer. CT series has IEEE1284 and the mouth gets stuck, but it is optional RS232C, USB and aether net get stuck.
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