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Label pressworks technology of 4 big innovation introduces the industry
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Tan Junjiao introduces, label industry is in Euramerican had entered to stabilize growth period, not dry glue and filmy material growth are rapid. Be in North America and Europe, do not do glue to had held share of whole label market 50% the left and right sides, wet glue label shows downtrend stage by stage; Grow in quantity of filmy material proportion, this is used with the machine that stick label in great quantities and flexographic plate black-and-white is strong have very big concern. Additional, the label inside the model and contractive film cover the increase rate that twines label to exceed 5% , contract among them film is covered predicted to grow 14% in North America 2006, make the window with label the largest trade, the more of filmy material in adding label of not dry glue is used, these give presswork equipment raises taller requirement. Then a few new markets are growing, be like the market of transparent beer mark that our country just starts.

From international label pressworks in light of the case that uses new technology and development trend, tan Junjiao analyses: Intelligent label (RadioFrequencyIdentification, RFID) , the label inside the model (In-MouldLabel) , label of hot contractive film (Heat-ShrinkLabel) , digitlization label pressworks technology (DigitalLabelPrinting) a new force suddenly rises of 4 kinds of technologies.

Intelligent label

Carry to the production of commodity, lay aside as people, protect those who prevent a lot of respect such as bogus, management is qualitative, taller totaller information demand, a traditional form code label is apparent it is ability not equal to one's ambition. As the progress of science and technology and the application that make a field in label, a kind of brand-new, muti_function, intelligence ticket that has the favorable effect that prevent bogus begins to be applied extensively, it will be made for label imprint course of study brings new lease of life and vitality.

Intelligent label also has person identify tag for wireless radio frequency, it is the product of new and high technology of label domain, already packed in the product nowadays in the effect with main play, mix the product label that replaces a tradition stage by stage a form code. Intelligent label is the new show of label domain, it has the function that surmounts traditional label, it is the new and high technology such as electron and computer prints the crystallization that go up in label. With tradition identifying means photograph is compared, intelligent label (RFID radio frequency identifies) with its accurate, efficient, safe means, prevent bogus high function and to the product the characteristic of real time monitoring, apply extensively at production, content shedding, traffic, medical treatment, prevent the numerous trade such as test and verify of bogus, identity.

The label inside the model

The label inside the model famous model internal standard is stuck, it is a kind of distinction imprints at traditional direct silk, what do not do glue label is hot contractive label, brand-new label pressworks form, can divide by the way that sticks mark to shape to blow model to shape to modular internal standard is signed and note model to shape modular internal standard signs two kinds. Undertake handling in the surface with PP or synthetic paper, the special tagboard that treatment of sticky agent of glue of other heat frit becomes rear Tu Youte. Presswork after making label, use manipulator sends to mould interior, plastic frit glue squeezes have the aid of the colophony of hot frit agglutinate that the high temperature that go out will come to fuse modular internal standard signs the reverse side, make label adds up to an organic whole with container be in harmony thereby. After finished product comes out, presswork it is thus clear that elegant label enchases the surface in plastic products firmly, label and plastic bottle are in same apparently, without label color Tuwenru is the same as on the feeling presswork directly in shell apparently, very beautiful. Have at the same time prevent bogus, moistureproof, prevent oily, mouldproof, acid-proof alkaline, wear-resisting is brushed wait for a function, recycle rate is safe, environmental protection, high at the same time.
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