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Intellectual classroom: The label with different qualitative capable person uses
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The label of not dry glue with bar code commonly used machine reachs those who serve as both agglutinate to stick glue agent by copy paper, face paper 3 parts composition. Copy paper surface is shown oily, isolate effect to sticking glue agent to have, use as so the adherent body of face paper, so that face paper can come off easily from copy paper,come down.

Copy paper divides common ground paper and Gelaxin (GLASSINE) copy paper. Land of common ground paper quality is harsh, ply is bigger, color has yellow, white to wait, presswork commonly the yellow copy paper that the paper end the not dry glue with commonly used industry is economy; Gelaxin (GLASSINE) ground of bottom paper quality is compact, even, have very good inner strength and light transmittance, it is the commonly used material of the bar code that make. Its are commonly used white, blue.

Face paper is the label content that print bear the weight of body, by material qualitative cent is paper of art paper, heat quick, PET, PVC to wait for a few kinds. What face paper back besmears is agent sticking gum, it assures the measurable adhesion of copy paper and face paper on one hand, after making sure face paper comes off on the other hand, can have strong stickup sex with stickup content again.

PET advanced tagboard

PET is to get together the English abbreviate of fat film, actual it is material of a kind of high polymer. PET has better hard brittleness, common color has inferior silver-colored, inferior white, bright white a few kinds. As a result of the medium performance with good PET, have good anti-fouling, prevent blow, high temperature resistant wait for function, it is applied extensively at a variety of special situations. If spare parts of product of batteries of electronic spare parts, mobile phone, electric equipment, car, chemical, outdoors advertisement, textile pressworks,wait for a domain;

Art paper (snow copper) label

Print commonly used material to pledge for bar code, its ply is controlled in 80g commonly. Label of ticket of label of tag of city of wide application Yu Chao, retail, dress, content shedding, inventory management, railroad, drug, product pressworks wait for bar code to print utility;

PVC advanced tagboard

PVC is the English abbreviate of vinyl, it also is material of a kind of high polymer, common color has inferior pearl is white, white. PVC and PET property are contiguous, it has good flexibility than PET, feel soft, often be applied at a few high-grade circumstances such as course of study of gem, headgear, horological, electron, metal industry. But the degradation sex of PVC is poorer, have negative effect to environmental protection, a few developed countries of foreign already began those who begin to develop this field to replace a product.

Heat up quick paper

Heat quick paper is classics high fever quick the paper capable person that coating treats, the surface ability of tall susceptibility applicably low voltage prints a head, be opposite consequently of the head that print wear away dinky. Heat quick paper is to be used technically at the electron to say, a kind of heat inside cash register makes paper, the test heats up the method with quick the simplest paper: Had delimited on paper forcibly with fingernail, can leave the nick of a black. Heat quick paper applies to the goods shelves such as refrigeratory, cold ark to be signed.
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